“The best part is probably meeting people with cancer out of hospital and hearing their promising stories. They show so much love and support which is so important.”


Aman Parmar

Aman Parmar

Aman Parmar

I am a Director at Cedar Dean, commercial property restructuring specialists. Covering the whole of the UK and working across all industry sectors Cedar Dean focuses primarily on providing ‘out of the box’ real estate solutions to businesses that require assistance with their leasehold property portfolio. I am responsible for sourcing new and exciting opportunities to help a variety of businesses. My role includes overseeing the sales and marketing departments, devising project strategy, understanding our clients requirements and ensuring they are being serviced to the highest possible standard. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Management and Marketing and a postgraduate degree in International Management, and several other management qualifications. My experience has involved studying and lecturing in Europe and previous consultancy roles in Spain and Canada.

During my short time working alongside Teens Unite I have been astounded at the dedication to help the Teens Unite members, from all those associated with the charity, whether it be families, employee’s, trustee’s, friends or volunteers. The commitment shown to offer assistance, education, positivity and love is evident when you have an opportunity to interact with those who are benefiting from the continual support provided. Teens Unite addressed a gap in the care for persons aged 13-24 who are suffering from cancer. From its inception to the current day Teens Unite has grown steadily and I hope to use my business expertise, experience and contacts to aid Teens Unite in its expansion, helping more young people and holding more events and hopefully one day – having a purpose built Teens Unite Respite Home.

I’m truly honoured to be involved with Teens Unite.



Chris Lambert-Gorwyn

Chris Lambert-Gorwyn

London’s Leading Pain Whisperer    www.RestoreYourBodyNow.com

After suffering from cancer as a teenager, Chris has spent two decades helping thousands of clients restore their body’s true potential.  His mission is to help everyone live longer and feel better by changing the way the world experiences health and disease.



Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson – Teen representative 

When I first met everybody at Teens Unite, I wasn’t having such a good time of things. I was 17 years old, and halfway through my last year of 6th form. Over the Christmas holidays I fell incredibly ill, and was taken into hospital having lost over 2 stone in a couple of weeks, where I was unable to eat or really get out of bed.

After a series of tests I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, which is basically cancer of the blood cells and bone marrow. Over 90% of my bone marrow was Leukaemic, I had very little blood and no immune system, had turned yellow from jaundice because my liver and gall bladder had stopped functioning properly.

Long story short, I wasn’t in a very good way. But what this also meant was that while my friends were finishing their A levels and picking which universities they would be heading off to, I was starting what would be a three and a half year course of chemotherapy and waiting to see if I would go into remission or not.

It was at this time that my mum was contacted by Teens Unite, who were finding people to organise their fundraiser at the Metropolitan Hotel. It was a lot of fun, felt great to be doing something productive again and raised a lot of money for a very worthwhile cause.

But it also meant that I got to meet some truly incredible people, who were going through similar circumstances. I’m not saying we all just sit around talking about cancer all the time, but being able to spend time with other people of the same age, who understand what you’re going through and can be supportive without worrying about saying the wrong thing or acting in the wrong way, can make a huge difference to the way you feel about having cancer. You don’t feel like the odd one out and you don’t have to dance around the C word.

On top of that, I saw  how to deal with a diagnosis of cancer. I saw people who’ve been told just about the worst news it’s possible to get, and yet refuse to give up. People who show amazing courage each and every day, in the face of something terrifying. I saw that I could be diagnosed with cancer and still do exactly what I wanted to do in life, that life with cancer didn’t have to be just about cancer.

For all I feel so grateful for everybody at Teens Unite. They put so much love, care, and effort into everything they do, and I know from experience that there’s a lot of people’s lives who would be so much worse off without them doing what they do.

I am honoured to be a member of the committee and look forward to giving back to this amazing charity.



Laura Harrison

Laura Harrison

Laura joined the Sunseeker London team as Press Officer having graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2007. Laura’s role over the last 7 years at Sunseeker London has encompassed a complete Marketing and PR role including new office development, point of sale material, client event management and execution, partnership, brand management and communications throughout the Sunseeker London Group of companies. Laura continues to excel with Sunseeker London and as a result now heads up the Sunseeker London Group of companies  Marketing Department with an exciting array of activity planned for the 2015 year.

Laura was first introduced to Teens Unite in 2007 when the charity had just been founded and whose offices where located at Debbie Pezzani family home in Broxbourne. Laura’s first meeting with Debbie and Jodie was held in Debbie’s family living room. During this meeting Laura understood more about the charities aim and mission to succeed in helping teenagers. The story told by Debbie and Jodie about Chris and his brother made Laura realise the whole concept in fundraising for Teens Unite and with this knowledge and wish to help, Laura actively help involved Teens Unite within the Sunseeker calendar of events. Supported by Managing Director David Lewis and Sales Director Christopher Head, a series of further brainstorming meetings took place and grand fundraising initiatives, ideas and campaigns started to come into life!

Laura Harrison comments, “I am delighted to have been appointed to the committee of Teens Unite. Teens Unite has supported so many teenagers since its inception and I am delighted to see that such vision of the charity continues through to today. The Respite Home is a great  achievement which all should be so proud of. This  is the ‘ultimate’ for teenagers suffering with cancer to help them relax in a fun and friendly atmosphere; just like being at the Pezzani Family home! I hope that with continued effort in helping Teens Unite, more and more Respite Homes can open and more teenagers can enjoy the charity which has been founded with an exceptional ethos and supported by a fantastic team.”