“Teens Unite gives me the quality of life that makes me feel like I am on top of the world. It gave me so much courage and bravery to make me feel like I can do anything.”


The teens we support answered a questionnaire about the charity.

Read through to hear in their own words what Teens Unite means to them…

What does Teens Unite mean to you?

“When you are a teenager fighting cancer, it is easy to feel alienated. Teens Unite represents a hope that there are others who understand.”

“The days out are something I can do with a constant smile on my face, and meet new people in a similar situation to me, therefore they mean a lot to me!”

“Teens Unite means friendly and personal support from people who care, and who get to know you as a person rather than just a cancer patient.”

“Teens Unite are such an amazing charity to be connected with. As you don’t get many charities who still provide events for teenagers up to the age of 24. Which is nice to know that teens unite are still here today helping others to fulfil their achievement. I really appreciate all their support and outings they do for me, without them us teens wont be able to enjoy different activities with other young people like myself as being together is like being apart of a teens unite family.”

“Teens Unite are an amazing charity that help young people going through and recovering from Cancer.”

“Teens Unite is a way of linking teenagers together in an area of illness that is very difficult for people to understand or relate to and putting together events for those people to meet others and socialise together.”

“Teens Unite means fun to me, most of the time I have appointments and scans an it can really gets annoying for me but when I know that I’m going to a teens unite event I feel really happy to do the things that someone my age actually enjoys, I get to speak to people my age who have been through what I have and it is comforting to know that I am not the only one.”

“Teens Unite means I can go out and forget about the stress of other issues. It means I can go to events (mainly music concerts for me) that I would never be able to go to before.”

“Meeting other young people the same sort of age as me and having fun.”

“Teens Unite makes me feel normal again and treats me with the up most respect and always keeps me up to date with events. Everyone there is truly a true friend of mine and I wouldn’t be as happy without them!”

“Teens Unite gives me the quality of life that makes me feel like I am on top of the world, it has helped me so much through the horrible experience that I went through. it gave me so much courage and bravery to make me feel like I can doing anything because I beat cancer.”

“Teens Unite is a community which I can identify with, it provides me with opportunities to meet other young people affected by cancer.”

“Teens Unite is a light in a dark room. You don’t notice the room is dark until you have cancer. Then you can’t see the world. Everything fades away. That’s when you see the light and Teens Unite helps.”

“Teens Unite means a lot to me because it got me through the bad times during my chemo.”

“Teens unite is my escape from everything to be with people who understand me and who have also has similar experiences.”

“Teens Unite means a great deal to me as its the only young/teenage charity that I am aware of and attend. Gives me a chance to meet other people like me, going through the same things. Its great to be able to have the support group around me and to have the people around me who understand also. Means time away from my family and friends who know me and care about me and only want to talk about cancer, I can relax with TU, let my hair down, have fun and feel like I did before I was diagnosed.”

“It has made me feel far less isolated at a time where it feels like nobody understands what you’re going through, it kept me motivated to carry on with treatment as it gave me something to look forward to. It’s about bringing young people together to fight cancer as a team.”
“Teens unite means a lot to me as since I have been involved with them they have helped me do things that I never thought I would ever do.”

“Teens unite mean everything to me!!”

“It’s like a great escape from the sad reality of cancer.”

“Teens Unite seem to pop up every now and then with an Arsenal ticket or 2; they email me inviting me to different events they are hosting or just attending, having Teens Unite is special, although you have family and friends you also have a charity of people doing there best to help, its good because you know you are not forgotten about, when your friends are not there or your family drained needing rest, you know Teens Unite are.”

“Teens Unite may be a charity but knowing people are doing their best to help you means a lot.”

“Teens Unite is my lifeline, they have open doors for me that I never thought was possible. I am going to see JLS and other great singers all thanks to you all, without Teens Unite I would be stuck in my room bored doing nothing getting angry as the day goes by.”

“It means so much to know that this organisation was set up especially to help seriously ill teenagers, enabling us to experience positive and exciting things.”

“It means freedom, somewhere teenagers can go to get away from their daily stresses of going into hospital . This gives teens time to meet each other in the same boat and helps them feel like they are not on their own.”

“Charity support group who help teenagers and young adults with cancer, who have difficulties coping with life, offering a chance to receive support and help.”

“They mean a lot to me, as going to there great events and treats have really made me feel better about myself.”

Friendship, support, fun, distraction.”

“Support for my son who’s coming to terms with being a cancer survivor and support for other teens facing their battle.”

“A lot knowing that there’s other people in the same situation as I am is a great comfort and being low is a thing of the past as I know that I’m lucky to have the support from friends, family and organisations like teens unite!”

“It means a great deal to me, the charity helped me build my confidence at a time when I was feeling very low within myself.”

“Teens Unite means I can get some of my confidence restored since being diagnosed.”

“Help with getting my son out and feeling normal.”

What benefits do you get from your involvement with Teens Unite?

“Various tickets and great days out.”

“I can meet new people, get advice off of them and have fun with new friends.”

“I get to take part in great activities and fun days out that I would never get a chance to or even think to try, like art workshops and musical performances. I also get to meet people who have gone through similar experiences.”

“It gives me a thrill of excitement when I get invited to trips/outings with teens unite as I enjoy socialising with others, challenging myself, and growing confidence.”

“Teens Unite offer many interesting and fun days out to their members. This is great for young people suffering from cancer as it can be hard for them to get out the house on their own during treatment and recovery. This gives the members the chance to meet and talk to other young people going through the same experiences and situations.”

“They inspire me a lot <3″

“In teens unite we do different things, some times we go to concerts of our favourite singers which is great as I love that, if I could I would do that all the time. I finally have a wig that looks like how my hair used to be thanks to teens unite, now I don’t have people staring at me every time I walk in to bars and restaurants it means I can go out more often.with my new friends.”

“I talk to people like me, meet new people and see amazing things.”

“Being able to talk with other young people.”

“I’ve gained much more confidence and being with other young people who were ill made me feel comfortable as we all know what it’s like to be ill and didn’t ask each other questions or scared to talk to each other.”

“I get to go to different places that I would never dream about doing or be able to do. I have done some much from meeting different celebrities, gone to concerts, football games and fantastic days out and enjoyed every minute of it.”

“I’ve had loads of great experiences which I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do and met some great people. For me. The benefit was friends. Through them I found so many in a similar position.”

“It benefits to me because I don’t feel like I’m alone and makes me feel better and that I’m still important and not just to my family.”

“Meeting others that have been through a similar situation to me as well as being able to spend and do fun days with them.”

“A lot of relaxing and “me” time, enables me to focus on something coming up in the future and also try new experiences and hobbies.Not having to discuss or talk about your cancer if you don’t want to, but I like knowing you can IF you want to. TU offer a sense and aura of care, accepting and understanding which I like the most. TU allows me to build my confidence with the team being non-judgemental and realising I’m not the only one going through this. Lastly I get great satisfaction of supporting others, that may or may not be coping so well: discuss my type of cancer, my treatment and the stages I’m at etc.”

“Fantastic days out and experiences, things I’d never have been able to do before I got ill. Made some wonderful friendships that will last forever.”

“Reading other peoples stories so I can see that I am not the only one at my age going though it.”

“They have really helped me on my confidence to meet new people ans socialise! And have given me a chance to get out and meet new people and see other people than my family who I see day in day out!”

“I feel as though the events organised and the support provided  has been a great help to fighting the disease. Meeting people in a similar situations has been very important in healing.”

“Teens Unite gives you the opportunity to meet new people in the same or similar situations to yourself. This is good as it gives you the chance to share experiences and talk to people whom know what you are going through.”

“The benefits I get is meeting other people in the same position as myself, I am able to go out on the different events that you have which helps me a lot to get out and get back into socialising and interacting with people, which am not very good at right now, but am slowly getting there.”

“We get to meet people the same age who have a similar condition but who also have same interests and enjoy the experience with them. We also have opportunities that usually we wouldn’t be able to get with ease.”

“I get to meet new people going through the same circumstances as me, it helps me forget about all the pain that I went through.”

Enjoyment, opportunity to meet people and participate in different activities, support and help.”

Meeting others going through similar things and also enjoying the great events/days out they do for as.”

New Friends, understanding people, special treats.”

“Support for my son to meet other people with similar life experience. Plus a chance to give something back by fundraising or volunteering.”

“I get the low down of what opportunities I can get opportunities I would never get a chance to do, I get important information of the teens unite website that has helped me greatly and just an organisation that’s there if ever I need it.”

“I’m surrounded by people who have been through the same things as me and that gives me a lot of hope and confidence. All the girls that work for the charity are lovely and prioritise the anxieties and worries of the teenagers they are looking after.”

“Teens Unite gives me the chance to get to know people in a similar situation to myself and helps to build my confidence by interacting with similar people
Knowing you are well looked after.”

What makes Teens Unite unique?

“It is a very personal and approachable body of people making the process of communication less formal.”

“The trips out make teens unite unique, it’s really nice to be able to meet other teens somewhere other than a hospital! They seem to be much more hands on, and you get to know the staff much more than other organisations. They also seem to try and get you involved in things that they think you would personally be interested.”

“Teens Unite provide more of a variety of trips and outings for us teens than other charities which gives us more of an opportunity to try out new activities. Also you don’t get many charities like teens unite that offer events for young people around our age as some have a age limit or you have to fit into their criteria of how many years you’ve been off treatment etc. where as teens unite lets teenagers from 13-24 years to come along and enjoy themselves, even if their still going through treatment or have been cured. Which is nice to still be able to participate in events that they have going on.”

“Teens Unite are very caring and supportive to all their members and are always there if you need to talk to them.”

“Teens unite completely different from other charities that support teenagers with cancer.most other charities in hospitals and most places are very care related, concentrating mostly on treating the disease rather then you as a person, suddenly my world has just turned upside down I no longer get to do the things I like, I have no hair, or friends and I’m not able to walk on my own any more, I think teens unite is unique in many ways.”

“Teens Unite’s approach to people like me is spot on. You don’t get the whole ‘health talk’ just the simple, ‘your a teenage, wanting to have a good time, what can we do to help?’ The 2 people I’ve met from Teens Unite, are so friendly, chat to you like any other person, and treat you like a normal person.”

“Teens Unite is more like a best friend who cares about you and has time for you all the time, supporting you emotionally and keeping you included whatever your diagnosis. Not many charities help over 18’s.”

“The love and support what I feel 24/7 their just a phone call away.the smiles and the positive attitude that share me lightens up my day. they make me feel so special and knowing that teens unite are out there to make to help make each and every day I live better.”

“What’s great about Teens Unite is the chance to talk to other young people who have had similar experiences. I’ve also been able to go on some amazing trips, gone to concerts and gatherings with other young people. What is different about Teens Unite is that there is more contact than from other charities, there are a lot of activities offered and there is more of a community feel than with other charities. I’ve made friends through Teens Unite and it’s great to be able to meet up with them again at different activities. I think Teens Unite understands that the impact of cancer doesn’t end when treatment ends, and the ongoing support is really valuable.”

“Its not shown to focus on the cancer, even though they do. But they focus on the individual.”

“The friendly voices on the other end of the phone and all the support I get from teens unite really helps to get me through the rough times.”

“Teens unite allows teenagers to come together to have an enjoyable day together as well as being able to gain their confidence back after chemo as well as creating a new circle of friends who don’t treat you differently.”

“I only know TU as the only young/teenage cancer charity. But I will say what I like about it… The fact its a small group of people and team leaders. This allows everyone to get to know each other a lot easier and to build a rapport. TU can then be a better support group to those in need and have cancer.”

“You feel that the staff actually know you personally and don’t just see you as another teenager with cancer. We are all treated the same and are all offered brilliant days out to get to meet different people each time. The events are tailored to a very specific age group. Sometimes NHS things are offered to both children and teenagers which seems inappropriate sometimes.”

“Well what makes teens unite different from all the other charities that I wouldn’t have got from the NHS is that they make it their goal to help and take your mind off what you are going though but also do it on a personal level.”

“Teens unite really know what teens want to do so the events that they organise are what we want to do and will enjoy!”

“Teens Unite bring people and family’s together, they help you relise you are not alone nor are you the only person going through these hard times.”

“Everyone is friendly but to me what makes Teens Unite unique is the way they make you feel, at the Art Workshop i was allowed to get on with what am doing and not made to feel that am an invalid and need to be showed everything like i cant think for myself or do anything, but someone was always there close by if and when needed. I was given space to think for myself and that made me feel good. Thats what makes you unique you understood that there was certain things that i was capable of doing and handling and you respected that and didnt have someone hovering over me all the time.”

“They have contacts with other charities so us teenagers get the opportunity to experience a whole range of activities with lots of different people. There is always something going on with Teens Unite!”

“It’s unique because It brings us all together as a family. A very friendly bunch of co- ordinators that run the charity.

Personal and their approach to offering support, help and activities for teenagers with cancer.”

“Their days out and treats are very nice and I have meet a lot of people through teens unite.”

It continues after you finish treatment and is much more personal.”

“I think the most important thing about teens unite is that it’s local, it means a great deal to the people in the area. I feel like you really know us, my family, and that makes us feel like we belong.”

“The NHS has been brilliant and Charlie wouldn’t be here without them, but they do the medical stuff and it’s important that Teens Unite do not do that bit! You are a safe haven!”

“It’s so focused on teenagers and what suit us, they really get on our level and explains things and helps in a way that we understand and know, where as other charities may not just focus on teens but other age groups like children and they have to cater for a wider range of ages!”

“The fact that it is such a small and selfless charity. There is such a wonderful sense of family when I go out with Teens Unite. The best part is probably meeting people with cancer out of hospital and hearing their promising stories. The girls working for the charity show so much love and support which is so important.”

“Teens Unite is different from any other organisation because they treat every teen as an individual, letting them get involved in things that personally interest them.”

“They are always there to help you.”

“Hi. What good news to see your work has been recognised with such an award. Well done and thanks for all your hard work with young people.” Social Worker

“A BIG thank you to everyone at teens unite for such a fantastic day on Friday.it was a once in a life time experience and one that I will never forget. I was a bit nervous, but when I got up there i was fine ( apart from when the pilot went almost vertical to look at the stadiums). The views from the helicopter of London were amazing and they certainly looked different from the air. It was great to meet the other teens and thank you again for a wonderful experience.” Teen

“Thank you so much. I am so glad to have people like you working for such great course for people like me. I really appreciate your charity and the amazing work you do which I must say is on the same par if not above what the Doctors and Nurses do. At least you they have a book/guildlines to follow and you guys do not have any. People in my situation are truly blessed.” Teen

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to speak about teens unite and our journey with cancer. I wish I had had longer to talk, I had so much more to say about the wonderful support you give to these young people. After my teary start (it gets me every time!) I then felt I could talk for England! I hope that from this more people are made aware of teenage cancer, and what a special group they are. Thank you again for all your hard work and support.” Parent 

“By all accounts it was a lovely day – as you mentioned, priceless moments make it all worth while and numbers less relevant. Thanks to you all for giving such a fantastic opportunity.” Social Worker

“I had such a great day last week at the mad hatters teens party. It went so well and there was such a good atmosphere in the room. I really enjoyed meeting people and sharing my story with them, I think it was great that we were there and able to do this so that they could see the actual results of what teens unite do. I also loved meeting the other teens and we have formed some strong friendships. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.” Teen

“Thank you all so very much for the lovely lunch. Everyone I spoke to was very good company and the food was delicious. I will bank some very special, lovely memories from the day. The high Sadie got from being asked to speak put her straight back on her positive path. She had been so ill for seven weeks and it took its toll on her both physically but worst of all, mentally. She was so low, but now my Sadie is back!” Parent

“She is very isolated, unlike most TCT units Cardiff doesn’t have a youth worker to promote socialising. Her peers from school haven’t visited so she needs to feel a teenager again. School haven’t been in contact since diagnosis, she spent Christmas at hospital and most of the last 5 months. Her social worker is an over 18 social worker so has been next to useless as she is 16. The children’s social worker wont support her because she is under an adult consultant. We are struggling. She needs some fun. She needs to feel included.Hope she can get to meet up with you soon.” Parent

“Thank you for joining us in support of Teens Unite . . . the little charity that makes a very big difference” Supporter

“It was a fantastic day raising an amazing amount of money. It has been a pleasure to help a fantastic charity like Teens Unite and it has been an honour to be a part of the Teens Unite family.” Fundraiser

“Jake had a lovely day, he would not normally have been able to experience a day like this if it wasn’t for your support, he loved being able to see what it’s like to be able to afford to come to a place as lovely as the Flemmings and that has given him more drive to succeed
in life so he to can dine in a beautiful hotel like this. Thank you for your support he absolutely loves coming to the days that you have.” Parent

“It was my first time being part of teens unite and I’m so glad I went, it put a smile on my face and made me feel less alone- it was great!” Teen

“I really enjoyed the day, it was so good to meet Charlie and Alex and talk to them about their cancer and treatment and normal stuff too!! My Mum enjoyed it too and made new friends. Thank you so much for organising the day for us.” Teen



A group of teens we support meeting the X Factor judges – 2013