“Teens Unite bring people and families together, they help you realise you are not alone nor are you the only person going through these hard times. ”


If you are in school or are attending one of our existing partner schools/academic institutions you can still get involved and help us at Teens Unite!

The £10 challenge

Our £10 challenge is a great way for you and your classmates to get involved with raising money for Teens Unite whilst also nurturing your inner Alan Sugar. The scheme run with full support from Teens Unite involves being provided with £10 to use as you wish to set up your own business. Ideas could be starting a cake business where the initial £10 is used to buy the ingredients, and as you make some profit this goes back into purchasing ingredients in turn earning you more and more money for Teens Unite! This is a great and fun idea that we have had great feedback on so far, and also looks great on your CV!

Non-uniform day

Non-uniform days are a fantastic way of helping to fundraise as who doesn’t love to dress up?! Schools organise a day in which you can come in wearing non-uniform or even fancy dress for a little bit of money.


One of our great supporters, Sheredes secondary school in Herts held a onesie funrun day for us that raised an amazing £1600! http://teens-unite.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/sheredes-school-raises-money-for-teens.html


School Onesie Fun Run!

Bucket collections

We regularly have lovely volunteers who help to promote the charity and get donations with our Teens Unite labelled buckets and charity pots. Perhaps you could hold one at your school during lunch time, or outside the school gates after school?

Bag packing

We have brilliant support from some of the local supermarkets and bag packing is a great way for you to get involved. It requires little of your time and can be a one-off volunteering opportunity for those that don’t have much free time but can be great fun.

Charity of the Year

Some schools nominate a chosen charity for their charity of the year and then raise money throughout the year for them. Teens Unite would love if we could be nominated to be your school’s chosen charity! Your school may also hold a charity week and similarly a charity would be selected for all the events during that week to raise money for.

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)/volunteer awards

During school, this is a great time to build up your CV and get involved in the community. Duke of Edinburgh award schemes are a great option to boost your CV and require set hours of voluntary work which we can help you with! There are also other schemes that need you to show evidence of doing your bit for a good cause, or even just by volunteering at one of our events or taking part in any of the projects above can be added to your CV as a form of volunteering within your local community.

Selling at school

We have recently got some fun wristbands that we are selling in boxes for £1 each. If your school are happy with you to do so we would love for you to sell some to your classmates for us! We also have some tshirts that you can also sell to your friends that all help with spreading awareness of the charity and fundraising.


Teens Unite Wristands

Other ideas at school can include: cake sales, dance productions, fashion shows

Our existing partner schools and academic institutions are  :) :

Turnford School, Herts
St Mary’s School, Herts
Broxbourne School, Herts
Sheredes School, Herts
Hertford Regional College, Herts
Hertfordshire University, Herts
Sutton Valence School, Kent
New Hall School, Essex
Mill Hill School, London
John Warner, Herts
Hailebury, Herts
Joseph Clarke, Herts
Royal Russell, Surrey

For more information about how you can get involved call us in the office on 01992 440091, email hannah@teensunitefightingcancer.org.