Zoe’s Story


Hi my name is Zoë, I’m 16 years old and I’m from a small village called Codicote in Hertfordshire.

I was in year 11 at school doing my GCSEs when I was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of ovarian cancer. I started noticing the multiple symptoms of it months before the diagnosis but because I was only 15 years old the thought of cancer never even crossed my mind. It turned out to be a heavily infected melon sized tumour I had removed via an emergency operation. I was then told it was gone for good and I wouldn’t need any chemotherapy but unfortunately, six months later I was told following a second look at a routine scan that the cancer had returned.

If I am honest this was more devastating than the first time round. Within a couple of weeks I was back in the operating theatre and thankfully the tumour wasn’t touching any organs so it was easily removed. However, due to the very aggressive nature of my cancer I underwent three months of intensive chemotherapy.

So far I have had two clear scans and hope to continue to do so. Through all of this I had a lot of time off school and had to take a year out of college. Although physically I am doing well there have been days when I have struggled emotionally and I am so grateful to charities such as Teens Unite who provide me with the chance to meet people in a similar position to me and also provide me with such opportunities as organising this event.