Ben’s Story


I first met everybody at Teens Unite just after I was diagnosed with leukaemia about three years ago, and in that space of time the relationship and experiences I’ve had with everyone here have been incredible. From going to exclusive gigs, a fair few Arsenal matches and one very memorable helicopter ride, I began to realize that there could be more to life with cancer than just sitting in hospital beds and waiting for test results.

ben1So many of the other Teens I’ve spoken to over that time feel exactly the same way, and from talking to any of us it’s obvious how much we love the charity and everybody involved in it. The fact that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to try so many of the amazing things that Teens Unite give you an opportunity to do is one of the reasons the charity feels so special to me, but that’s definitely not the only one.

As I said before the relationship you build with everyone here is unique from any other charity I’ve come across, getting to know each member of the team as a friend, not just as somebody who is doing their job. It works both ways though, and they definitely get to know you as a person too, trying their hardest to find things that they know you would enjoy and treating you as an individual rather than just another person who needs help.

They make you feel like a part of the family, and now that their first respite home is up and running I’m sure that’s going to be even more so – the whole idea of ‘family atmosphere’ is a bit clichéd but it’s genuinely the feeling that you get from being around these guys, and having visited them at their new place it’s safe to say there’s going to be a lot of people who will feel at home there.

I know I will, and I also know it would’ve been a much harder 3 years than it has been without Teens Unite’s love, help and support, so from me and everybody else that you’ve helped thank you all so much.