Rachel’s Story


I was diagnosed 10 years ago with 2 malignant brain tumours after 5yrs of misdiagnosis, backwards and forwards to the Dr’s being fobbed off with growing pains, going through phases, in your head, etc. Eventually, was diagnosed and was straight into treatment. They said initially they weren’t sure what they’d be able to do for me, but started with radiotherapy straight away to start shrinking the tumours.

I’ve been on treatment ever since the initial diagnosis, can take over 100 tablets daily, injections and have a lot of other health problems as a result of the cancer, including ME, Chronic pain, and constant severe nausea due to damage in my brain. I also have to use a wheelchair to get around most of the time.

I take every day as it comes, making the most of all I can when I can. There are days that I’m bed bound and not able to do anything, other days are better and I can get outside, see friends and enjoy myself. I know I didn’t appreciate all I had and was able to do before I was ill, so now I’ll appreciate everything I can do, and push myself as much as possible.

Involvement in teens unite is so important to me, it gives me things to aim before, to keep me going, constant encouragement and revitalisation. It’s a home from home, with genuinely lovely people who give and care so much. I’ve made some amazing friends, they give me something to live for, and that really does mean the world. I am truly grateful for all they do for me and my friends!