Debi’s Story


My name is Debi and on Halloween of 2013 I was diagnosed with b-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma at aged 20, primarily of the breast but it had gotten to stage IV at this point. I’ve had two years of the roughest treatments you could possibly imagine including a mismatched unrelated allogenic stem cell transplant. Unfortunately as of just over a month ago (I’m now 22) and they have told me I am terminal and I will not get rid of this disease. I am having treatments to help prolong my life in a way that l can still live day to day.

Teens unite has been amazing to me. It’s the little things like sending me birthday cards that really make my day. Everyone is so lovely and warm and despite the absolute rubbish of cancer, I am honoured to be a part of such an amazing charity that actually care rather pretend to. This isn’t some big corporate business, it’s relatively small charity that have the power to make all young people dealing with a horrible illness just that much easier.

Debi sadly passed away in October 2015.