Da-Sheena’s Story


Hi, I’m Da-Sheena Fulford and I have Immune Cytopenia. It all started the summer of 2008 when I lost about 40 pounds. My peers began to bully me, which lowered my confidence and self-esteem. April 2011 (at age 16), I had my first and terrible nose bleed and found out that my platelet count was seven. I was admitted in the hospital for two weeks then was transported to The Bahamas.

I did two blood tests a day during my one month stay in the hospital. My body was pushing out blood therefore I did two blood transfusions which my body also rejected. They assumed it was Anemia but later rejected their diagnosis. They performed a Bone Marrow Biopsy which seemed to be normal.

I later returned to my country (The Turks and Caicos Islands) then was taken to the Dominican Republic. I was hospitalized for three weeks and had a Bone Marrow Biopsy. I requested to leave two days early in order to attend my secondary school graduation. I refused to miss it because I was the valedictorian and had the responsibility of presenting a speech. Being sick and missing school made me realized who my friends were and it prevented me from sitting my end of year examinations.

In early July, I was sent to England to seek additional medical attention. This is where I was diagnosed with Immune Cytopenia. I had my last Bone Marrow Biopsy and was administered Rituximab one day a week for a month. I had weekly appointment but as my platelet count increased, it became monthly and now every four months.

I have recently joined Teens Unite in June 2013. I met a few nice people at The Spitalfield Market day. I have attended the events in London but only met a few teens. Listening to the stories of two other teens made me realize that there are people who understand some of my struggles and made them seem small. So far I have enjoyed my time being a part of Teens Unite and I look forward to meeting more teens.