Ben and Kenny’s Story


Two teens we support, Ben and Kenny, shared their story at our recent Twisted Tale fundraiser.






Kenny: After being involved with the charity for about 6 months, I received a phone call from Teens Unite asking me to go on a trip of a life time to Chamonix. At first I wasn’t too sure because I didn’t know anyone but it sounded so good I couldn’t turn it down. They organised a meal a couple of weeks before we left and this is where I first met Ben who had been a part of Teens Unite for a few years already. My first impression of Ben was; he was a bit loud, a bit annoying and he thought he was really funny.

Ben: That’s the first thing we found we had in common with each other, but we discovered a lot more over the course of the holiday where our friendship grew.

Kenny: We spent an amazing week doing all sorts of activities, but also just having a great laugh with everybody who went. I’d go as far as saying it was one of the funniest weeks of my life.r021

Ben: Through Teens Unite, I have been to once in a lifetime events such as fundraisers at the Metropolitan Hotel in Park Lane, the Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn and the Mint Leaf Restaurant in Haymarket. I had become a true ambassador for Teens Unite, so once I was well enough to travel the world, I took Kenny under my wing and showed my protégé the ropes.

Kenny: As the joke continued about me being Ben’s protégé, I had some big shoes to fill. However, he couldn’t get back quick enough having seen some of the amazing events I had been to thanks to Teens Unite. From VIP tickets to Music On The Hill which was a weekend music festival, meeting the X factor judges, TV interviews on Good Morning Britain, radio interviews on Capital FM and being invited to the top of the shard and to top it off, my interview live on stage at the Royal Albert Hall for Classic FM in front of 5000 people. Sorry I don’t mean to go on.


Ben: Behind all the glamorous events that we have both been a part of is the hard work that Teens Unite do for young people like us every single day. There are also times when the work they do isn’t so fun- going into hospitals to meet new teens who have just been diagnosed to reassure them that there is support available at one of the worst times of your life. As you can tell from both of our speeches earlier this all adds up to meaning a huge deal to each and every one of us. Without Teens Unite, we never would have met.

Kenny: We are pleased to tell you we are now in good health and in remission.