Eilish – Why supporting Teens Unite is vital to young people affected by Cancer

eilish and mikhaila

Teens Unite are different to other charities as they provide long lasting support to people going through treatment and post treatment whilst they are in remission, like I am. Unlike other charities, they provide on-going support and despite being 5 years in remission I am still completely involved in the charity. Your cancer journey doesn’t end as soon as you get told you are in remission and when I was told in remission I found it so hard with people telling you to “go live your life” and expecting you to be the happiest person alive as you have just beaten cancer.

The sad reality is that those thoughts and feelings don’t just disappear as soon as you are told you are cancer free and it can make you feel incredibly lonely with no support from anyone who knows what you are going through. That’s where Teens Unite is different to other charities as they have given me the opportunity to meet loads of other young people in a similar situation to me which has played the biggest part of my recovery. I’ve been able to have fun and enjoy myself in a completely relaxed atmosphere with people who are going through their own journeys too, where we can all relate to each other in some way or another whether it be similar treatments, side effects, or feelings that we have suffered from. I still keep in contact with every person I’ve ever met through Teens Unite and know they would be there if I ever needed advice or support. This is just some of the reasons why people should donate to the Turning Old Money into new memories campaign, by donating you are allowing Teens Unite to keep doing the amazing work that they do and allow other young people who feel isolated after a cancer diagnosis to find long lasting friendships with people who know exactly how they feel.

Please donate towards our ‘Turn Old Money Into Memories’ campaign if you can, and help more young people in a similar situation to me