Activity Stay – Day Three

Each day of the activity stay gets better and better. In just three days the young people have settled in so well, from the outside it appears as if they have been friends for years.


To kick-start the day we split up into two groups to participate in an art and martial arts workshop. During the art workshop, the teens created their own canvas paintings, where they were able to express their thoughts and feelings through colour and texture. The paintings are beautiful, with each one being as individual as the artist.


The martial arts workshop saw the teens work together and embrace their “warrior within”, as they learned the basics of Tai Chi. The session was held by the Hu Long Temple, where the teens were taught Shaolin Kung Fu to help improve vitality and strength. This was followed by some Daoist Qi Gong exercises to improve overall well-being. The session closed with some meditation, to relax the body and mind. A huge thank you to the Hu Long Temple for joining us.



After a very productive day the young people teamed up with Junk Percussion for a music lesson with a difference. Using a variety of unique drums from water bottles to bins and saucepans, the teens played iconic songs. The magical evening was a fitting way to end a great day that only strengthened the bonds made by the young people.

Thank you to Sam, Ischia, Jayne, Brendan, and Spyroulla for volunteering their time and helping make such a wonderful day.